Zzzz…. You Need the Z’s

As everyone is leading hectic lives, we often neglect just how much sleep we actually need. Instead we’re focused on going to gym or getting the laundry done when we should be more concerned with if our bodies are getting the proper amount of sleep. Sleep is crucial to our health- mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sleep increases our memory, so whether you’re studying for a test or mentally preparing yourself for a presentation, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your work is get enough sleep. Not only do we want to protect ourselves and others, but when you haven’t allowed your body to get the proper rest, you end up making silly mistakes such as missing a step going downstairs in the morning or even not being fully attentive to the road while driving and possibly causing danger to yourself or another driver. Sleep also has an effect on your mood. Lack of sleep causes you to be more irritable, impatient, and hypersensitive.

Typically an adult needs roughly eight hours of sleep a night. But like most things, it varies with each individual. Some adults may only need six hours of sleep to function properly while others may need ten hours. Furthermore, it isn’t always the number of hours you need to get the best rest. An appropriate environment is also very important. Sleeping in a dark room with closed blinds, barely any sound (if any), and a cooler temperature can help your body fully relax. It may be helpful to keep a journal of how many hours of sleep you get a night so you can pinpoint where/when you need to work on getting to bed earlier. Also, keeping a journal is a great way to keep track of the dreams you have. Sleep is essential to our health and too often people forget just how important it is. Don’t turn your back on your health- relax and count some sheep!

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