Work Hard, Play Harder

In this day of school assessment tests, job lay-offs, and the housing market collapse, Americans have been working harder than ever (well, at least in my lifetime). We’ve taken away recces from our kids, we’ve declined taking vacations and work straight through lunch. While I think our work ethic is admirable, I think we may just be missing the big picture.

Balance, balance, balance…..

Our world strives on balance. From the gravity pull of the sun and other planets which keep our Earth in its orbit to an ant farm where every soldier ant has its job in the colony. And we strive on balance too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

When you take vacations, take breaks, and spoil yourself you actually become MORE efficient at your job. You’ll work less hours and accomplish more.

So get out there. Have fun. Go skiing, go mountain climbing, read a romance novel, take your wife on a date, go to the Falcons game, take your kids to the beach. When you get back, you’ll see, your work becomes better. You become better, you are better.

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