Who Knew? Some Health Benefits from Tea

Like many other routines in our lives, drinking water all day every day can get boring. However, staying away from sodas and other drinks with aspartame is also important. Looking for a healthy alternative that curbs the craving for something more exciting than water and is still healthy for you? Try teas! Green Tea is full of ECGC (powerful antioxidant that improves cholesterol and may combat cancer cells). Green tea has important chemicals that can also help prevent heart disease and improve your mood. While already assisting your health, green tea may also burn fat. It’s a win win.

Having stomach issues? Ginger tea is great for that. Ginger has been shown to help settle the stomach and ease cramps and bloating by suppressing stomach contractions and aiding in the movement of food and fluids in the digestion tract. Next on the list is Oolong tea. A few years ago, this tea became big when it showed that some of its antioxidants can aid in weight loss (not only helping lose it but keep the weight off). Weight benefits aside, oolong fights tooth decay and cavities. The antioxidants found in Oolong additionally remove toxins from the body that can cause skin damage, wrinkles and age spots.

Finally, both peppermint and chamomile teas promote relaxation and calm the body to aid in sleep or free you from any anxiousness you’re feeling. Chamomile tea eases menstrual cramps and can relax the uterus. Halitosis anyone? Peppermint tea is great natural remedy to fight bad breath. Tea is a great substitute for some of your water throughout the day (remember to continue drinking eight glasses a day) and is so much better for you than the sodas and other carbonated drinks!

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