Watermelon- The Vegetable to Eat

Remember eating wedges of watermelon as a kid on hot summer days? Why not enjoy watermelon as an adult and be aware of all the health benefits? Watermelon is full of electrolytes and water- great for quenching thirst on those hot days. Watermelon is also rich in Vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant (great for your vision and immunity). Lycopene is found in watermelon as well. Lycopene has been found to help protect the skin from UV rays; be sure to still apply sunscreen but it’s nice to know that some food you’re eating is also¬†protecting your skin! Like bananas, watermelon is a good source of potassium, assisting in controlling heart rate and blood pressure. The best part about eating this delicious vegetable is all the healthy benefits you get from eating it!

If adding it to your diet may be a concern try mixing it up a little. If cutting it into wedges is not your favorite way to eating it, try scooping out little balls and putting them on a fruit salad. Watermelon is great for detoxing, so try juicing watermelon next time you buy it. Or how about making a salsa with cilantro and lime, maybe add a little avocado to the mix. There’s tons of ways to add watermelon to your diet, just be creative with how you apply it! Eat up!

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