Rev that Metabolism

Noticing last years bathing suits aren’t fitting nearly as well as they did last year? Are you looking for ways to kick start your metabolism and shed some weight? Many people think that by not eating, they will lose weight because there are no calories to break down. This, however, is not so true. While it is smart to cut back on calories to lose weight, your metabolism wakes up when you eat, especially when you eat certain foods. You remember being told as a child to always eat breakfast, it remains true. Try to eat a healthy breakfast within the first hour you wake up so your metabolism can get to work. A great addition to your breakfast is green tea (sometimes referred to as the ‘dieter’s tea’), and is also full of powerful antioxidants that aid in preventing cancer and cleansing the body.

While out for a morning or evening walk, try doing interval training. Walk for two minutes then run for one minute, repeating this cycle. This not only will boost your metabolic rate but will also burn calories longer even when you’ve since moved on from exercising. Add some spice to your life and diet! Eating spicy foods is said to raise the body temperature and speeding up the rate to burn fat. Also, if you’re feeling a craving closer to bed time, resist the urge! As you get closer to going to sleep, the metabolic rate starts to slow because while sleeping you body does not need the energy and the body then stores the fat. If you’re noticing that you’re getting hungry later in the evening: try going to bed earlier, eat dinner a little later (still being mindful of the hours you have between dinner and bedtime), eat foods richer in protein (helps you stay full longer, it burns more calories than fat, all while maintaining muscle mass), or drinking some hot tea to help curb the urge. Finally, be mindful of the stress in your life. When a person stresses, the body stores more fat. Try breathing exercises to clear the mind, meditate, work out the frustration, or try focusing on only two problems in your life at a time (this not only does it take your mind off all your the problems at once so you don’t feel the bogged down feeling of the world crumbling; and as you solve one problem, you can move on to the next).

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