Pros and Cons of Juicing and Blending

The Pros of Blending:

Along with vegetables, you can add fruits, milks, ice, nuts, seeds, avocado, oils, protein, and other crushed up supplements.
Fiber helps fill you up and since you are blending the vegetable and fruit in its entirely, the added fiber from the peels and flesh help fill up space in your stomach giving you a feeling of fullness.
Cost of the blender is minimal. Most people already have a blender in their kitchen.
Children are more inclined to drink smoothies. They love smoothies more than vegetable based juice because you can thicken them up to look and taste like a frozen dessert.


Less quantity of nutrients per serving than juicing because the fiber remains in the drink, you need to drink more smoothies than juice to get the same amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients per glass.

Some produce is better suited for juicing than blending. Root vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, and beets are nutritious but don’t taste so good in smoothies. Their thickness makes it hard to blend and it tastes chalky and bitter.

The Pros of Juicing

You have more vegetables and fruits per serving. Since the fiber is removed, more juice fits in the glass.
Easier to digest nutrients. Unlike blending, juicing extracts nutrients and most of the water from veggies and fruits leaving behind plant fibers in skins, peels and seed hulls. This allows your body to absorb the nutrients quicker without having to expend energy to digest all the bulk of the fiber .
Quicker energy boost! Juice has a higher concentration of vegetables and fruit per glass versus a smoothie, and is in an even more pre-digested format than smoothies for quicker nutrient absorption.
Less heat damage. Blades run at high speed on blenders that can slightly heat the smoothie which could kill off some of the beneficial enzymes.


Juicing machines are usually more difficult to clean and leave a bigger mess. Juicers have more parts to clean and take longer to clean.
More refrigerator space required. Juicing requires more vegetables and fruit per serving than blending, thus needing more refrigerator space to store them.
Costs are more than blending because you are using more fruit and veggies per serving, you need to buy more.

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