Ouch! Tennis Hurt My Elbow.

Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) can be caused by any activity that involves repetitive gripping of an object. It involves pain of the outside of the elbow. This condition arises from inflammation of the tendons and muscles that attach to the lateral epicondyle, the outside of the elbow. If the same condition arises on the the inside of the elbow it is referred to as Golfer’s Elbow. However, this condition is not as prevalent as Tennis Elbow.

Epicondylitis can be caused by many things, not just tennis or golf. Long hours on the computer, carrying heavy bags, housework, and many other activities can irritate the elbow, causing inflammation. Sometimes this condition can be so severe that it is difficult to pick up a coffee cup.

Chiropractic Tennis Elbow Treatment
Epicondylitis is a condition that rarely resolves on its own and may require treatment. A qualified healthcare professional such as your chiropractor can determine the exact cause of the problem and initiate the proper care and treatment. This might include modalities such as hot and cold treatments, bracing, home stretching and exercises. Chiropractic adjustments have proven extremely effective in the overall management of this problem.

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