Organic vs. Conventional Farming….What’s the Difference?

There are MANY discussions lately about organic versus conventional farming. The truth is that it can be confusing and overwhelming at times. I’m keeping this blog simple and down to the bare “bones” about the basic differences between the two.

Organic Farming

-Minimizes chemical usage
-Promotes biodiversity
-Soil is improved with organic farm practices
-Only natural methods are used

Conventional Farming

-Uses chemicals, synthetics, and other materials to manage weeds and pests
-Unnatural farming methods
-Pesticide use has garnered attention towards acceptable levels of toxicity, and whether there should be an acceptable level
– Pesticides used can be harmful to your health

Chiropractors often encourage patients and their families to choose organic whenever possible. My family and I enjoy the extra flavor and deliciousness of our healthy bounty.

I’m Dr. Deborah Pearson from Sports and Family Chiropractic. Proudly serving Johns Creek, Roswell and Alpharetta.

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