Just Do It.. Run

While it may be hard to find time to get exercise in, the importance of staying fit and feeling good outweighs the amount of time put in to working out. Running for even just thirty minutes a day can have tremendous benefits to your health. Add running to your routine in the morning or after you get home from work. Hitting the pavement can clear the mind and help the body to relax. Running, like exercise in general, boosts confidence- so you’re seeing both physical and mental/emotional results from your work out. As you’re running, you tend to release all the stress you’re feeling from all areas of life and at the same time your brain is releasing chemicals to make you happy. Running lowers the effects of asthma by strengthening the lungs and bronchi; as someone who suffers from asthma, thinking you can’t run because of your symptoms, running actually helps your symptoms.

Running helps lower high blood pressure by expanding and contracting arteries, keeping them fit and healthy so you can maintain a healthy blood pressure. Like chiropractic, running improves your immune system to fight against germs and viruses that cause minor illnesses. Your body is receiving all the benefits on the inside, you can also see the benefits on the outside. Running strengthens the lower body muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Stronger tendons and ligaments in turn strengthen joints, helping to prevent injuries in ankles, hips, and and knees. Finally, running helps reduce the effects caused by diabetes. By running, you reduce the bodies resistance to insulin, and thereby maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Running produces so many benefits to the body, but one of the most important is taking time for your body and mind.

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