Juice, Juice Baby

One of the latest trends is juicing. We at the office have taken a liking to it for sure. But how good for you is it? Juicing is great for detoxing the body of harmful toxins we put into our bodies everyday. If you find you are missing fruits and veggies from your diet already, it’s a great alternative to sitting down to a plate of carrots and celery or berries and melon. Some of us have picky taste buds, if this could be you- adding rich leafy foods like kale or spinach (that you don’t normally have in your diet) to the mix can boost the vitamins you’re putting into your body while covering up the taste with delicious fruits and vegetables. Juicing releases the fiber that our digestive track sometimes does not break down, so as an added bonus to this tasty treat, you can help achieve your daily fiber requirements. Just like adding more fruits and veggies to your diet, juicing can increase your mood and energy making you a happier, more bouncy person.

Just like any other thing we try, moderation is key. One downside to juicing is fruits are high in sugar so be careful and take this especially into extra consideration if you are diabetic. Like always, make sure you wash your fruits and vegetables really well before juicing to get any dirt or pesticides off. Also, even though you are drinking your fruits and vegetables, be sure to include whole ones each day as well. Finally, talk to your doctor before fully implementing juicing into your diet as adding some vegetables that are high in certain vitamins can react with certain medications. Most importantly enjoy what you are juicing!

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