It’s More Than Stretching

Thinking about starting a new fitness routine? Why not add yoga to your mix! Yoga is great for many different reasons. Yoga is great for increasing flexibility; after sitting at a computer all day or standing on your feet, there’s nothing better than stretching out your muscles and releasing some tension. Practicing yoga can loosen up joints giving yourself more sense of ease in everyday movements. While you may believe that yoga does not do much for strength, it does. Many of the poses, especially if held for more than one breath, can really increase strength in your upper body, core, and lower areas like your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Yoga is perfect to help your posture as it strengthens the muscles in your core causing you to sit and stand taller. As if you needed any more reason to begin practicing yoga, your lung capacity also improves because yoga focuses on deep breathing and lengthening your breath. The breathing exercises trigger relaxation instead of causing adrenaline and the do-or-die mentality which causes stress. This breath technique can really benefit your heart as you decrease the stress you inflict on your heart.  Yoga can help increase concentration and mood as you focus on your body and breath. Give yoga a try; we at the office love it!

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