It’s a Beautiful Day… Get Outside!

In our day to day lives, we so often let the craziness of our day dictate what we do when we get home from work and school. Not only are our lives getting busier but we’re losing touch with outside and nature. Instead of being too tired after work or on the weekends, get up and get outside! We need to do more than just roll down the windows and open the window while cooking the family dinner. And it’s great for bonding with the family!

After a long day at work, play catch or tag with the kids outside. There’s so many activities to do with your children outside- get some chalk and do hopscotch or draw your dream vacation, hide and seek is always a winner with the little ones, or ride bikes. The weather is perfect to play outside, and the sun is setting later so you can delight in the evening. If perhaps the day has taken too much out of you, just take a brisk walk after dinner- anything to get outside. On the weekends, go to a local park or plant flowers in the yard. Fresh air is great for you- there’s no reason we should be too tired to not enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer us! So get outside, have fun with the family, and breathe in the beauty of nature!

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