Combating Allergies

As we approach spring, we also approach pollen season. Not only does this bring us the beautiful yellow dusting all over our cars and windows but also increases sneezing and headaches. But good news, you can start early to help prevent symptoms from allergies. Make sure you keep your doors and windows closed during pollen season; also make sure to replace your air filter more frequently to prevent pollen buildup in the filters. Perhaps you already take your shoes off before you come inside your home but it’s important to during to decrease the amount of pollen coming into your home (and it decreases the amount of yellow shoe prints!)

It’s important to shower, especially wash your hair, after day outside. Make sure the kids get good baths too during this season so they aren’t miserable. Also rinsing off your pets can remove some pollen from the home. If you happen to get some allergy symptoms some easy, at home remedies can help. Drinking hot water or herbal tea can soothe a sore throat. Adding a humidifier to the most common used rooms in the house (such as a living room) and bedrooms can relieve some of the congestion due to allergies as well.┬áDrink plenty of water too!

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