Chiropractic for Stress

Chiropractors work primarily with the spine, the root of the nervous system through which nerve impulses travel from the brain to the rest of the body. One effect of chronic stress is prolonged muscle tension and contraction. This muscle tension creates uneven pressures on the body and it leads to misalignment of the spinal column, known as subluxations.
Chronic stress also leads to nerve irritation. The adjustments of a chiropractor release muscle tension that helps the body return to a more balanced and relaxed state. Adjustments also reduce spinal nerve irritation and improve blood circulation.

In addition, preliminary research demonstrates that chiropractic adjustments may ease depressive symptoms by increasing endorphins. New patients discover that chiropractic care jump starts them toward a more wellness oriented lifestyle, simply because they can move more and with less pain leading to improved function and an increased ability to stick to a regular exercise programs. Overall, patients enjoy improved quality of life, including sleep quality due to a reduction in pain and anxiety which often interferes with sleep patterns. Improved sleep enhances immunity and your ability to fight disease.

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