Benefits of Ginger

Ginger isn’t just for adding a bit of flavor to your food or tea. Ginger has powerful benefits that help the body all over. Ginger is great for sinuses- it clears the micro-circulatory channels in the body that sometimes flare up and cause congestion. It also helps with absorption of nutrients into the body. If you’re feeling nauseous try chewing on some ginger to help ease the unsteadiness. Also, if your stomach is starting to cramp or groan, eating ginger can settle an upset stomach.

Worried about how to add some ginger to your life? Grate some ginger in your juice in the morning. Or add a hint of flavor to your hot tea. Making dinner tonight? Why not add some ginger to homemade stir-fry. You can also find crystallized ginger in some health food stores or Trader Joe’s. Great to pack in a bag for a road trip or plane ride and always perfect to have on hand whenever you start to feel ill.

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