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Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) can be caused by any activity that involves repetitive gripping of an object. It involves pain of the outside of the elbow. This condition arises from inflammation of the tendons and muscles that attach to the lateral epicondyle, the outside of the elbow. If the same condition arises on the the inside […]

The Pros of Blending: Along with vegetables, you can add fruits, milks, ice, nuts, seeds, avocado, oils, protein, and other crushed up supplements. Fiber helps fill you up and since you are blending the vegetable and fruit in its entirely, the added fiber from the peels and flesh help fill up space in your stomach […]


With the popularity of coconut oil, coconut water, coconut creams, etc, there is an awareness that coconut is healthy for you but there seems to be a lack of knowing what exactly the benefits are. Fresh coconut helps prevent obesity by boosting your metabolism which helps you burn more calories at rest. It can also […]

It is easy to forget to stay hydrated during summer. We are all very busy with a lot of things going on in our lives but as temperatures are rising for summer we must take the time to stay healthy and hydrated. Here are some tips to for staying healthy and hydrated for summer: – […]

There are MANY discussions lately about organic versus conventional farming. The truth is that it can be confusing and overwhelming at times. I’m keeping this blog simple and down to the bare “bones” about the basic differences between the two. Organic Farming -Minimizes chemical usage -Promotes biodiversity -Soil is improved with organic farm practices -Only […]

Juicing typically requires using a machine or equipment in order to turn raw fruits and vegetables into a liquid. By using special blades, most juicers chop up your fruits or vegetables into tiny pieces and spins them in a way to separate the juice from the pulp, which eliminates the majority of the fiber. You […]

Federal health authorities vastly overstate the benefits of the flu shot and, for most healthy people, vaccination is unnecessary at best and potentially risky at worst, a Johns Hopkins scientist tells Newmax’s Steve Malzberg. Peter Doshi, an influenza expert with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, contends vaccines pushed by health authorities are less effective […]

A road trip is the easiest and cheapest way to make a family vacation happen, especially for a larger family where the price of individual flights can add up fast. The problem is, a car trip takes a lot longer. If you have a bad back, this can lead to a week’s worth of back […]

Originally founded when American workers clocked in an average workday of sixteen hours in harsh conditions Detroit was the largest contributor of the early labor movement and they began demanding work days over a mere ten hours at a pay rate of two dollars an hour (big money in those days) First Labor Day celebration […]

Stretching and an active lifestyle are often recommended to help reduce back pain and speed the recovery process following an injury. Improving flexibility through stretching is also an excellent way to avoid future injuries. The key is to start slowly and increase the repetitions are you feel stronger. Passive Stretches: passive stretches help facilitate movement […]