For those of you who are aware of the health dangers posed by artificial sweeteners and dutifully avoid them, the findings of a recent study may come as a shocking surprise…

  • In recent tests, water samples from US water treatment plants discovered that the artificial sweetener sucralose (Splenda) is a widespread contaminant in both source water and treated water
  • Sucralose is a persistent contaminant as it is not broken down by the chemical water treatment process
  • Previous research has shown that sucralose  can destroy up to 50 percent of beneficial intestinal bacteria (probiotics), which are essential for general health and a strong immune system
  • Sucralose is chemically closer to DDT and Agent Orange than it is to sugar
  • Splenda is known to cause a multitude of detrimental side effects in certain people, including allergic reactions and neurological dysfunction
  • For more information regarding this, check this article out.

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